April 2, 2020

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Arrested couple engages in sexual activity inside police car

A Florida couple captured for cycling impaired didn’t let that stop their arrangements for the night, ripping off their garments and engaging in sexual relations on the secondary lounge of a squad car.

Megan Lynn Mondanaro, 35, and Seth Aaron Thomas, 31, were riding their bicycles on a Florida street in the blink of an eye before 12 PM when they were pulled over by the police.

They had no lights on their bicycles and had nearly collided with various autos.

The pair bombed roadside moderation tests, and the official announced that he could smell liquor on them two.

They were both put apprehended and returned in the of the official’s vehicle, where the desirous cyclists couldn’t hold on to get ready to rock.

While the official was outside the vehicle, the couple started peeling off their garments and engaging in sexual relations.

At the point when the official opened the entryway to stop them, Thomas was stripped and Mondanaro had her jeans pulled down and her bosoms uncovered.

When Thomas was hauled out of the vehicle, he accepted the open door to evade, pushing over another official and making a bare escape by walking.

He was later captured holing up behind a nearby frozen yogurt parlor.

The pair were both accused of DUI, uncovering sex organs and unnatural and lustful acts and are being held in authority.